The True Meaning of Christmas


Anyone who knows me will agree that I am a little crazy about this time of year.

Christmas means seeing your family, eating your body weight in food, decorating the house, getting presents, having a break from uni/work, stopping at every building in Melbourne to take a photo of a Christmas tree and hip-and-shouldering old ladies who get in your way at Highpoint.

But really, this time isn’t just about all those things. Or at least, it shouldn’t be.

For a lot of people, like myself, Christmas is one of the highlights of the year. For many others, it’s a time that painstakingly reminds them of the things that aren’t very good in their life.

Many people will spend this Christmas in hospital.
Many will spend it on the streets.
Many will spend it in detention centres.
Many will spend it alone.
And many will spend it in quiet despair for other, less overt reasons.


You have the power to make this better. Yes, you.

You don’t need money or lots of spare time to make a difference in someone’s life, you just need to want to do it.

Smile at a stranger on the train.

Give your coffee money to the Salvos.

Volunteer somewhere.

Ask a friend how they’re going.

Whatever it is, just do it. And then keep doing it all year round.

Who knows, making a difference in someone else’s life this Christmas could make all the difference in your own.

And for those of you who do have money to throw away…

Beyond Blue

Salvation Army

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Cancer Council


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